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Arthur loved the drinks in the twenty-first century, they came in all flavors, they come from bitter to sweet, cheap to expensive. The range was endless.

He sat in a local pub, smiling to himself, thinking how much his father would like the drinks in this era. It’s been about seven years since he came back and Freya taught him everything he needed to know about the new world and how to act, what to buy and how to get by life.

His second task was to find Merlin, but that proved more and more difficult, the man was impossible to find. Not on google search, no ad for missing blond king, no apartment for sale with a Merlin as the owner, nothing.

He knew his friend was out there, somewhere waiting for him too.

“Arthur, buddy….you okay?” A familiar voice asked, Arthur smiled and turned to Leon. “Yeah.” He replied, sipping his beer. “I’m fine.”

“You seem out for sorts lately…” Leon says with that sad frown of his.

“Just a little down.” He confesses. “I-“

“Looking for that Merlin fellow of yours?” Leon broke into a smile. “Aw, you’re love struck.”

Arthur scoffed. “Hardly, he’s just a friend.”

Leon chuckled and patted his back, not buying it. “Oh come on, it’s okay if you’re homosexual…my brother is…I’ll be happy enough to accept you when you come out of the closet.”

“I’m not in the closet.” Arthur rolled his eyes and took a big gulp of his drink. “I dated that girl…uh….Steff remember?”

“Then you’re Bi…I saw how you where eyeing Neil…you should ask him out…” Leon urged him.

“I’m not bi…and I look at him to see if he is actually working, the lazy bugger…” He grumbled.

“Yeah, yeah…” Leon raised an eyebrow and smirked darkly at Arthur and leaned in, whispering against his ear. “How about Fred?”

Arthur blushed deeply and blinked rapidly before turning to Leon. “How do you know about that!?”

“I wanted coffee, so I went to the office kitchen and I saw you making out with the guy, I’ve got to say…you’re handsy when you make out like that…” Leon chuckled.

Arthur blushed deeply. “But….that was….uh….”

“Arthur…” Leon says softly. “It’s okay if you like men…”

“But…I don’t…I just….felt low and…”

“Chose to kiss a handsome bloke? That’s fine…”

Arthur looked at his drink firmly.

“Arthur, really…if you’re Bi it’s fine…” Leon ruffled the man’s hair.

Arthur blushed more. “It’s…really accepted now isn’t it?” He asked softly.

“Yes…it’s legal here too…”

Arthur spluttered. “I’m not marrying a guy, Leon!”

“No, you’re marrying Merlin.” He winked at him.

Arthur wanted to scream.

“Enough, I’m going home.” He said, digging into his pocket for his wallet.

“Hey, Hey…slow down big guy I was just….” Leon sighed. “Okay, fine…I won’t pressure you anymore…stay longer?” Leon asked.

Arthur grumbled and took his hand from his pocket and drank happily. “It’s not like that with Merlin…he’s special…but, our past wouldn’t allow us to be together and I only felt romantic feelings for him a few years back….now that Gwen is married to Lance in this one…the only person I can turn to for love and comfort is him.”

Leon smiled happily. “That’s so cute…”

Arthur scoffed and ordered another round.

After five drinks the man stumbled into the pavement and took his phone out, humming to himself.


The blond man frowned, why did that voice sound so familiar? Why did he want to cry?

He slowly turned to see Merlin standing near him, his eyes where wide, his mouth agape.

“No…” Arthur breathed before laughing. “MER-Lin?!”

Merlin grinned, tears welling up. “Arthur.” He choked out and walked to him. “OH you have no idea how long I’ve waited for you, you prat!” He laughed.

Arthur grinned, tears welling up and ran over to him, not hearing a loud bang.

Merlin laughed, his eyes where half open, the skin at the end of his eyes where crinkled and his tears danced around in his eyes, his teeth visible in that wide smile.

It felt like time slowed down, he heard nothing, he saw Merlin’s arms extend for a hug when his smile dropped and something flew out of his ear, blood shot out from the side of his head and he slowly began to fall.

“MERLIN!” He screamed before catching him and kneeled heavily, tears fell onto the man’s shocked face.

“Merlin…Merlin, Merlin, Merlin, Merlin….” He chanted brokenly, cupping his face.

Merlin’s shocked expression slowly faded into a relaxed smile, flinching now and then.

“Arthur…I waited for you.” He said brokenly, his voice deep and thick with emotion.

Arthur blinked rapidly, unable to see him through the tears.

“Don’t you dare go, you arsehole!”

Merlin grinned and chuckled. “You know the swearwords….”

Arthur couldn’t help but smile, crying hysterically.

Merlin stared at him lovingly, grabbing into his hand, before he slowly relaxed against him. “I’m sorry…” He whispered. “I wanted to live with you…” His smile faded and his eyes become unfocused.

Arthur shook his head. “No…No….you don’t leave me…you don’t leave me…”

He hesitantly closed the man’s unseeing eyes and broke down, wailing.

He didn’t notice Leon standing over him, calling for an ambulance.

He didn’t notice Merlin being taken away from him, or a blanket being wrapped around him.

Everything went dark.

He woke back in his apartment; Leon was standing at the side of the bed, staring at him sadly.

Arthur curled up, looking away, tears welling him.

“That was Merlin, wasn’t it?” He asked softly, sadness in his voice.

“Yes.” He croaked firmly.

“I’m so sorry Arthur…I’m so sorry….” Leon said sadly.

“He…he’s alive isn’t he? I mean, technology is amazing right?”

Leon shook his head. “No…it was a headshot, no one can survive that…”

“But he can have surgery, I mean…he….he can get the best one…even if it’s an experiment and I will pay for it, I’ll suck any cock t-“

“Arthur!....” Leon sighed. “His heart stopped…he…he has passed on…”

Arthur began to tremble, he gasped.

Leon went to the bathroom and came back with rescue remedy and made Arthur take it. “I don’t want you to have a panic attack now…”

Arthur shook his head, his eyes where wide, tears falling down.

Leon sighed and sat down, stroking his hair. “Shh….”

Arthur sobbed, grasping the sheets tightly. “Merlin.” He croaked out.

Leon rubbed his back soothingly. “Hush….i’m here…”

“I want Merlin…I want him…” Arthur croaked out, weeping.

“I’m so sorry Arthur…” Leon confessed.

Arthur wailed, curling up more.

Hours pass and Leon coaxed Arthur to sleep.

Arthur woke with a pounding headache. He groaned and sat up.

Leon walked in with pain killer and made him take it, Arthur wrapped himself in the blanket he was given. “Merlin….i need him.”

“He’s passed away…”

“Shut up!”

Leon kept quiet, rubbing his back. “Hungry?”

Arthur shook his head and blinked, tears welling up.

Leon sighed sadly. “Arthur…they are…uh….making a coffin for him…you can hold a ceremony for him…”

Arthur frowned and looked at Leon. “Did he have friends?”

“Yes, he did…they’re there now…”

Arthur gasped and shot out of bed before changing clothes.

“It’s at the local funeral place.” Leon said and went to him. “I will drive you…”

They drove there.

There were seven people standing in front of a coffin in a cold room.

‘Thank gods I made you dress fancy.’ Leon thought as he ushered Arthur in.

Arthur slowly walked over to the coffin to see blue flowers littering the edge of the coffin, in close inspection; he was lying on a bed of blue roses.

“How cruel….” Said a young lady next to him. “Blue roses are said to say that it is impossible or unattainable….within someone’s grasp….that this is too difficult to be achieved….an admired by unrealizable dream.”

A man looked at her sadly and gently reached over and squeezed her hand. “It can also mean a new beginning…”

“I don’t want to move on from Merlin…” She croaks. “How could someone put blue flowers on his grave!”

The man hushed her, holding her close.

“I heard someone requested it…a nameless person…at least that’s what the man that was told of it said…” Another slightly older man said, staring at Merlin as if he was going to move at any moment.

“I heard a blue rose means that a miracle could happen.” A young child said innocently.

A women holding the boys hand smiles at him, ruffling his hair as he smiled back at her.

The young woman that was in the arms of the man that comforted her then turned to Arthur, sadly staring at him and cleared her throat. “I’m sorry, my name’s Freya.” She offered her hand.

He frowned and nodded, shaking her hand. “I’m Arthur.”

Everyone let out a gasp before staring at Arthur with shock.

Arthur gulped thickly and looked away.

“You’re Arthur.” She breathes. “Oh….Merlin was looking for you for so long.”

Arthur felt tears prickle his eyes. “I heard…”

“He talked about you a lot.” The mother of the child said. “My names Mithian, this little monkey is my son, Mathew.”

He smiles at her, recognizing her face. It was the Princess Mithian from all those centuries ago.

Arthur turned to look at Merlin and sighed. He looked peaceful, calmly lying there, his hands placed on top of each other, his mouth was closed as well as his eyes, he looked like he was sleeping, Arthur found himself waiting for Merlin to breathe slowly and twitch now and then but he never did.

His skin looks like it normally does too, but that’s just make-up.

Arthur sighed deeply, staring at him longingly.

He felt himself snap back into reality when the man who held Freya smiled at him sadly. “He spoke about you so much…I’m Will…or William if you prefer.” He offered his hand.

“Oh…yes…Will…” He shook his hand, remembering he was Merlin’s childhood friend from long ago. Arthur smiled, glad that Merlin had Will with him.

“You are just like he described you to be…and how you act…” He sighed. “I wish he didn’t go….i know he would have been so happy to be with you.”

“Be with me?” Arthur frowned.

“He wanted to share his flat with you, he always daydreamed about it, talking about how you would act with him, how you would live with him…and all that…”

“Could you tell me the specifics?” Arthur asked.

“Well, like…you’d be sleeping in, he’d make you coffee and breakfast…you’d sit and watch T.V together, walk in the local park…play cards…he’d tuck you into bed when you passed out on the sofa after a long day at work…he’d massage you if you where sore and all that…” Will explained.

Arthur felt his throat tighten. The man smiled, tears welling up.

“That’s just like him.” He huffed and wiped away his tears.

“We’ll leave you alone with him.” A voice said before they all left.

Arthur sighed deeply and stood in front of him and reached over, holding his hand gently. “I miss you already and you are right in front of me.”

No response. No magical wind or message.

“You’re really gone huh?” He smiled sadly and choked out a small sob. “Damn…”

He took his hand away from Merlin’s and stroked his hair. “Look at me, I’m stroking your dead body’s hair…what have I become?” He sobbed.

He bit his lip, trembling. “Pity me….please…”

He frowned, noticing something poking out of Merlin’s pants pocket.

He hesitantly reached in, pinching an old red fabric and pulled back.

His eyes widened as he soon held Merlin’s ratty, old scarf he wore when he was Arthur’s servant.

It was smaller, it had black and blue patches on it, the colour had faded and was fraying at places, he could see Merlin trying to maintain it at places, a bright red thread held one piece together.

He smiled, tears falling down. “Merlin…”

He pressed it against his lips and nose, feeling his snot dry into it and closed his eyes, it smelt of him still, his scent was still strong and the scarf felt warm.

“Can I keep this?” He hushed softly. “As a token?”

No response.

He waited for a minute, waiting for a sign but it was quiet.

“Okay…I’ll take that as a yes then…” He felt himself kiss the scarf before putting it into his office blazer and patted his pocket before smiling at Merlin lovingly.

“Merlin?” He asked, quiet as he scanned the room.

He shook his head. “Never mind, I don’t think you’re puny brain is developed enough to think of answering me back, you lazy arse.”

“Hey now…that’s a bit harsh don’t you think?” Came a voice from behind.

Arthur gasped and turned around and yelped as he saw Gwaine in front of him, but instead of his tunic and armour, he was wearing a plain red shirt, blue shorts and slip-slops, his hair was tied up into a bun, but chunks of his hair hung out, his beard was growing more.

He blinked a few times.

“G-Gwaine?” He asked.

“Long time no see, Princess?”

Arthur found himself laughing.

“You remember? That’s good.” Gwaine says and looked at Merlin sadly.

Arthur moved away from Gwaine and the man strolled over him in and sighed deeply and held Merlin’s hand. For some reason Arthur felt jealous.

Gwaine looked at him and smirked. “I know Merlin was yours in the medieval times and all…but he was mine in this one.”

Arthur flinched slightly. “O-Oh…”

“Look, I get you’re grieving and everything but…could you leave me alone with him for an hour or two?”

“R-Right.” Arthur rushed out and closed the door, it felt warmer in the entrance.

Thirty minutes passed and he could have sworn he heard Gwaine crying…but Gwaine never cried in his time, so he never knew how it sounded.

Three hours passed and Gwaine walked out, he looked exhausted, his face was red and the skin around his eyes and nose was ever more red.

He sighed and stared at Arthur, he was angry.

“Even though he loved me deeply, he still looked for you…he cared for you a lot…”

Arthur bit the inside of his cheek.

“We where happy and there was no way he’d cheat on me but he still wanted you to live with him in his flat.”

“He didn’t move in with you?” Arthur asked.

“He technically did, but he had his own flat before he met me again…and I have work in town where he has work in his flat that is far away…at holidays and weekends he was with me…” Gwaine stated. “He loved me deeply.” He said firmly, as if putting a point across.

“I-I get it…” Arthur said, holding his hands up. ‘I guess he wants Merlin to be his even if he’s a ghost and he wants me to know that.’ He thinks.

“WHY!?” Gwaine suddenly screamed.

Arthur flinched, frowning.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TWO EVER MEET!?” He yelled at Arthur’s face.

Arthur blinked rapidly, this was too much.

“I-I couldn’t ever find him…” He said quickly.

Gwaine glared at him, growling darkly. It was like he wanted to strangle Arthur.

Arthur felt himself panting, stressed. “I-I…was working so hard, I found his name on facebook but I never got a response, and there wasn’t any pictures or much on there, just birthday wishes and wishes on your relationship with him and all that….he replied and that made me happy…but it didn’t sound like Merlin…so I looked for him on other sites but no luck…I looked for his name everywhere.”

“He doesn’t like facebook, he’s hardly on it…he felt shy to take pictures of himself or us and put it on facebook, there’s a few of us together but only in our flats…” Gwaine sneered, tears welling up. “He missed you so much, it was so bloody sad to watch!!”

Arthur gasped slightly. “I-I’m sorry.”

“He lives about thirty minutes from you…that Leon bloke told me.”

“Thirty minutes is a long way away when you’re looking for someone…. I checked every shop…” Arthur said.

Gwaine began to cry.

Arthur gulped and awkwardly looked at the door, he wanted to leave.

“Take me to his flat someday.” Arthur said and handed Gwaine his business card before running off.

A week passed and Gwaine drove Arthur to Merlin’s flat, it was quiet.

They went into a small but cute flat.

Arthur walked around and spotted a picture of Merlin and Gwaine sitting on a bench, grinning at the camera.

Arthur smiled. “He looks so happy…I always knew when he was truly happy.”

He looked at another picture where they are standing side by side in front of a pub, Merlin was staring at Gwaine lovingly while Gwaine had his arm wrapped around his shoulder, grinning at the camera.

Arthur chuckled to himself, smiling more. “Cute…”

He saw another where they are fishing on a boat, Merlin caught a medium sized fish, he was holding up the line, smiling happily at the camera while Gwaine was kissing the fishes mouth.

Arthur laughed. “Awwh…He looks so happy.”

He looked at another where they are asleep on the sofa, Merlin was asleep on the sofa, his head resting on the thick arm of the sofa, his mouth was open, probably snoring his head off, Gwaine was sprawled on top of him, drooling on his shirt, Merlin’s arms where wrapped around Gwaine’s back, Gwaine’s arm was tucked under Merlin’s back, while the other was off the sofa, the tip of his fingers pressing against the floor.

He walked into Merlin’s room and frowned, he stared at a painting of him.

“That’s me…” He mumbled.

He was painted as a king, sitting on his throne, naked, he was wearing a thick coat that covered his private parts, he was holding his sword, the end pressing aa, he had a peaceful smile on his face as he stared at the floor. He had his crown lazily resting on his head, slightly resting on the side, he had a golden aura around him.

“Beautifully painted eh?” Gwaine said next to him.

“I never knew Merlin was this good at art…” Arthur confessed. “This looks like a classic painting…”

“It probably is…Merlin said he was painting for many eras, there’s thousands of them at the back, some date to the seventeen hundreds so some are in museums and such…” Gwaine said.

Arthur nodded.

He saw books upon books on the shelves, some where old and new. He had a little bit of everything but most where on The Artherian Legend and stories of his knights.

“Even though they didn’t stick to real plot, he still enjoyed reading them, he laughs at how they see him as an old man.” Gwaine smiled.

“He was wise…” Arthur smiled.

“Very…and look where that’s gotten him, instead of a handsome man, he’s seen as an old, ugly fart with a great beard.” Gwaine laughed.

Arthur laughed as well, smiling at the painting of him. “It’s like he saw me as a god…”

“I think he did…but he did see you as one great prat too.” Gwaine chuckled before sighing. “Yeah….Merlin was a blast…”

“I’m sure he was a great lover.”

“The sex was amazing…his moans…my gods…the way he’d buck up…he’d react to you’re every touch-“

Arthur cleared his throat. “I think that’s enough.”

“Jealous…?” Gwaine smirked.

Arthur pouted slightly and looked away. “I guess…”

Gwaine grinned as if victorious.

“He’d massage me if I was stressed, he’d wash my back when we’d bath together, he’d tuck me into bed and make be breakfast…he’d lecture me with love, he’d kiss me goodnight and kiss me good morning and goodbye….he’d look at me with suck love..”

“Argh…okay…I get it, shut up now.” Arthur grumbled.

Gwaine walked off, humming tunefully to himself.

Arthur noticed that Merlin made sure the flat was homely, comfortable.

He went through Merlin’s stuff and found a small pocket watch he had in the eighteen hundreds, it had a small drawing of Arthur tucked inside the back of the watch, Arthur smiled, it was a simple but beautiful sketch of himself staring at his chamber window.

“I love you too…” He grinned and put the watch into his pocket.

He took a whole bag of Merlin’s belongings that where of sentimental value to him and left, he had been given the key to the flat by Gwaine and made sure to visit as much as he could, watering his plants when he noticed something else.

He found himself watering a bonsai tree Merlin had taken care of when he heard a tiny meow.

He frowned and looked around to find a Persian Chinchilla cat sitting on the sofa, staring at Arthur.

“What a beautiful cat you are…” Arthur said and slowly walked over to it, the cat purred as Arthur tickled under the cats chin.

He saw the cat had a collar on her, he saw the tag that read out his phone number and the cats name. “You’re a girl….Misses…..Pendragon…” He said slowly.

The cat meowed happily and rubbed herself against Arthur’s arm.

He gently picked her up, the cat propped her two paws on his shoulder and her tail moved around lazily.

“You’re a good cat.” Arthur smiled. “Miss Pendragon.”

The cat purred happily as he petted her.

He heard a loud bang, making the cat hiss.

He saw Gwaine stumble out of Merlin’s room, exhausted.

“I see you met Miss Pendragon…” He says. “If you want to take her, she’s a very needy breed.”

He nods. “My friend owned one…I know what to do.”

“Everything you need is in the guest room.” Gwaine said and made coffee.

Arthur gathered everything he would have needed to take care of the cat and gently put her in a cat cage and went to Gwaine. “Are you sure?”

“Merlin loved that cat dearly, as much as I love her…my job demands a lot…Merlin had an easy job and with easy hours so he had more time to help her….you should have her and I’m hopeless at looking after a cat.” Gwaine says, sat at the table, eating. “She’s an easy cat, not demanding…when you brush her, Miss Pendragon sits happily…”

Arthur nods.

“Other names for her are Shnookums…and well…there are others…I don’t remember…Also she can act like a Princess…that’s what I call her anyways, enjoy….” He says, sipping on his coffee.

Arthur smiles before gathering Miss Pendragon’s things and holds the handle of the cage and leaves to his flat.

He sets her in the bed in his guest room before opening the cage door.

The cat hesitantly walks out before looking around.

“Very new isn’t it?” Arthur smiles. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.”

The cat turns to face Arthur. “You’re Arthur.”

Arthur freezes, half smiling. “Uh…..”

“Merlin missed you…” A female voice says.

“Ah……” Arthur blinks. “A…..A…..talking cat…..”

“Correct, my lord…” The female voice says as the cat’s mouth moves.

“You’re…a talking cat…” Arthur states.

The cat sits down elegantly, looking at Arthur. “I’ll give you a moment or two to come to terms with this.”

Suddenly something clicked in Arthur’s head. “I remember now! Merlin had magic!”

“Correct, lord….he made me able to speak.”

Arthur let out a laugh.

“Ah….I see, you’re hysterical, it’s okay Arthur…it happens to the best of us.” She says, licking her paw happily.

“I-I’m not, I’m not….i just…this is so funny.” He laughs harder.

The cat almost smiled at him, her tail wrapping around her feet.

“You’re a very beautiful cat…” Arthur smiles.

“Ah, everyone says that…You will need to try harder if you are to impress me…” Miss Pendragon says happily.

Arthur giggled. “You’re adorable.”

Miss Pendragon hissed at him. “I am not adorable, I’m elegant…I’m…. Shnookums…I’m a lady.” She says. “I am not adorable, or cute…I am an elegant lady…”

“My apologies my lady…I guess he called you a Pendragon for a reason.” He snickers. “I guess all Pendragons want to be treated like royalty.”

“That’s because I am royalty.” She purred happily, proudly lifting her head.

“I see now why Gwaine called you Princess….No wonder he gave you to me.” He grumbled.

“Excuse me?” She huffed.

“Nothing, my lady…” He said sweetly.

“Good, I hope not.” She gets up, going past Arthur, making her tail press against his face.

Arthur moved it away and went to the kitchen, dishing out her food.

She sat at the edge of the bowl. “I demand more…” She says.

“No, you’ll get fat.” He replies.

“I-I will not get fat!” She says.

He chuckles and puts down another bowl before pouring water into it.

She sniffs the food before eating happily and moves onto the water.

He walked to the sofa.

“This place is a lot bigger than Merlin’s flat…you much be rich.” She says and propped herself next to Arthur.

“I guess…is it to you’re liking, Miss Pendragon?”

Miss Pendragon looked at him and nodded before going onto his lap and lies down. “I demand to be petted, don’t rub my belly or else you will regret it.”

Arthur hummed, staring at the T.V, not really paying attention and pressed his hand against her belly, tickling it, he heard a hiss before he felt a bite.

“YOW!” He cried and looked down to see a few bleeding scratches on his hand, her teeth biting into his finger.

“That hurts, let go!” He cried out, tugging his hand away.

She moved away, hissing more. “You didn’t listen to me!”

“You have Bipolar!”

“EXCUSE ME!? I DO NOT!” She shirked and swiped at his leg.

He moved to the end of the sofa. “OI!”

She growled before jumping off of the sofa and calmly went to the guest room.

“The nerve!” He huffed and took care of his injuries.

He eventually fell asleep on the sofa and woke up the next day to Miss Pendragon asleep on his chest, he slowly got up, cradling the cat in his arms and put her on the guest room’s bed before hearing the doorbell go off.

He went over and opened it to see a letter on the floor addressed to him.

He bent down and picked it up before closing the door and walked to the sofa and sat down, opening the letter before rubbing his eyes.

‘Dear Mr Pendragon.

Merlin Emrys is gone. But I want to help you. Come meet me in three months time in the robotics’ lab in the University of Avalon. Around three-thirty if possible.

-A friend.’

He frowned and scratched his cheek lightly. “A friend?”

Three months went by slowly and painfully, Arthur grew more and more anxious as the days went on.

Eventually it was the day and he went to the University and was lead to a room, he stood in front of the door.

“Okay…” He took a breath and walked in and closed the door before turning to a metal bed and he gasped, his eyes widening as he saw Merlin sitting on the edge of it, looking down, wearing a blue t-shirt and black pants with flip-flops on, he slowly looked up and stared at Arthur.

“Merlin….” He breathed.

“Merlin’s my name yes…” He replied calmly with a small smile.

“I-It’s me….It’s Arthur.” He laughed, tears welling up. “How did you survive?!”

“I did not…well…my human did not….I am Merlin, a robotic partner…or companion for a man named Arthur Pendragon…” He said politely and got off the bed and walked over to Arthur.

Arthur blinked. “A robot…for me?”

“I’m getting my personality soon, or Merlin’s….” He smiled more.

The door opened and Gwaine walked in, holding a small metal chip.

“Ah, I see you’ve met robot Merlin…” He says cheerfully.

“Gwaine!” Arthur shouted. “What is the meaning of this!?”

“I am a robot maker…and I made robot Merlin.” He turned to the robot with a smile. “Ready? This is Arthur.”

“I am ready, Sir.” He says calmly as Gwaine pressed his finger behind Merlin’s ear, there was a small ‘Dzzzt’ sound and he stuck the chip in a small metal plate before pressing it back in.

Merlin shut off before rebooting and looked at Arthur, smiling happily. “Arthur…”

“You sound….so much like him…” Arthur croaked, his lip trembling.

Merlin walked over to him and hugged him tightly. “Oh…I’ve missed you…” He breathed.

Arthur hugged back.

“He thinks he’s Merlin and he will be Merlin forever, although he knows he’s a robot too, but that’s at the very back of his mind…” Gwaine explains.

Merlin cupped Arthur’s cheeks, staring at him lovingly.

“You’re squishing my face.” Arthur said with his lips puckered up.

Merlin leaned in, kissing him softly.

Arthur’s eyes widened and he kissed back happily.

“Alright you lovebirds…” Gwaine says and they broke apart.

Arthur smiled happily.

“A word Arthur?” Gwaine asked and winked at Merlin. “Wait outside.”

Merlin nodded and went outside, waiting.

An hour passed of Gwaine explaining how to charge and take care of the robot Merlin.

A day, a week and then eventually a month went by with having robot Merlin with him.

Arthur slowly woke one morning to Merlin gently waking him. “Hey…”

“Morning…” Arthur yawned and stretched.

Merlin smiled at him. “Do you want the usual breakfast?”


Merlin chuckled. “I can’t believe you said please…”

“Don’t get used to it.” Arthur huffed and got up.

Merlin laughed. “Alright…Coffee too then?”


Merlin giggled and nodded before leaving.

Arthur smiled to himself and changed.

“Merlin…” He said as he walked to the breakfast table. “I’m going to the pub tonight…you can come with if you want, I’m meeting Leon there.”

“Oh, okay….i’ll see…my favorite show is on tonight though.”

“Ah, it’s fine…it’s just a little get together and I’m not sure if beer is good for you anyways…”

Merlin hums.

“I don’t like cleaning out your stomach of rotten food…” He grumbled.

“You like it when we eat together and I find eating interesting…and you always wait a while to clean it out so that’s why it rots.”

Arthur groans. “Sorry…”

“Don’t, it’s fine…” Merlin says and dishes out Arthur’s breakfast.

“You don’t get hungry?” Arthur asked.

“No….but I like the oil you feed me for my joints…”

“Ah…” Arthur nods.

Merlin sits and watches Arthur each happily.

Miss Pendragon jumps into the table and looks at Merlin.

“Where is my food?” She asks.

“Oh, sorry Miss Shnookums…” He gets up and pours out her usual amount of food and water in separate bowls and walks over to the table, calmly placing the two bowls down and she happily eats.

He pets her gently. “Good girl…”

She mewls happily.

He sits back down. “Isn’t this wonderful? All of us at the table?”

“You say that every time we eat Merlin.” Arthur smiles.

“I mean it though…” He grins.

Arthur smiles more and finishes his meal before getting up and gets ready for work before going to Merlin and kisses him. “See you this afternoon, my love.”

Merlin blushes and kisses back. “Goodbye…OH! Don’t forget you’re lunch.” Merlin rushes into the kitchen before putting a container of food into a bag and runs back to Arthur and hands it to him. “Remember to eat everything, even the carrots?”

“Yeah, Yeah…” Arthur smiles and kisses his head before turning to Miss Pendragon. “Goodbye Princess.”

She turns to look at him. “Make sure to get some treats today or else I’m not talking to you.” She looks back at the water before lapping it up.

“Well, I guess that’s a nice goodbye…” He looks back at Merlin and smiles before leaving for work.

Arthur gets back to see Merlin watching T.V with Miss Pendragon asleep on his lap as he gently pets her.

“I’m home…” He calls, placing his stuff down before taking out a bag of treats for cats.

Merlin looks up and smiles. “Welcome back, Arthur.”

“Watch this.” Arthur grins and shakes the bag, Miss Pendragon suddenly wakes and darts to Arthur.

“Well, I’m glad someone listened.” She says and sits.

Arthur places three treats in front of her before quickly hiding the packet from her.

She eats happily and Merlin hugs Arthur from behind.

“I missed you today…” Merlin mumbles against his back.

“I missed you too.” Arthur smiles and kisses his arm.

Merlin smiled against his back happily.

“I love you, Merlin…so much.”

Merlin giggles. “I love you too, Arthur… King Prat…”

“Oi…. enough with Prat already, you Dollop-Head.”

Merlin laughed.

Arthur smiled and turned around, kissing him. “I’m leaving soon for the pub, I’m also going to eat there so don’t cook anything.” He hugged Merlin close.

Merlin nodded. “Okay…”

“Could you make me a bath? My shoulders are killing me…”

“Sure.” Merlin nods and wiggles out of Arthur’s hold before making him a bath.

Moments pass and Arthur undresses before walking into the bathroom.

“Is it ready?” He asks.

Merlin turns to him, kneeling against the bath and blushes. “A-Arthur..”

He smirks. “Yes…Merlin?”

“Uh…” Merlin gulps thickly before looking away. “Y-Yes it’s…finished.” He closes the tap and stands, staring at the tub.

Arthur chuckles and kisses his cheek. “You are an angel, Merlin.”

Merlin blushes before quickly rushing out of the bathroom, closing the door.

Arthur looks around and spots freshly cleaned and pressed clothes and a towel laid out on a chair near him. “Aw…”

Merlin stands in the living room, blushing deeply.

“You saw him naked again huh?” Miss Pendragon asks.

Merlin nods.

She laughs. “Aw, you’re so innocent.”

Merlin gulps thickly. “I-I’m not….”

She laughs harder. “I guess you see him romantically, no wonder you’re so shy when you see him in the nude.” She walks off happily.

Merlin sighs softly.

“Meeeeeerlin~” Arthur calls seductively from the bathroom.

Merlin jumps. “Y-Yes?”

“Wash my back…” He says.

Merlin goes into the bathroom and closes it before walking over to the bath.

Arthur smirks and hands him the soap. “I can’t reach…my shoulder’s are aching…”

“S-Sit up.” Merlin gulps and kneels.

Arthur sits up and Merlin begins to wash him.

“When I first saw you…you where a skinny little troublemaker….but now your a handsome, muscly man….”Arthur grins.

“I-I guess….so…” Merlin keeps washing his back.

“Lower…” Arthur smirks.

“B-But that’s where you’re…”


Merlin bites his lip. “Uh….you wanted me to wash your back.”

“-And now I want you to wash my arse, will that be too difficult of a task, MER-Lin?”

“N-No…” Merlin shyly starts to wash his arse.

“Good, I’m glad I can rely on you, Merlin…” Arthur smiles.


Arthur laughs.

Merlin begins to smile and finishes washing him and massages his shoulders and back.

Arthur sighs happily, leaning back. “Merlin….”


“Kiss me~” Arthur smiles.

Merlin gulps and leans in.

Arthur reaches for his nape and kisses him deeply.

Arthur slowly breaks off. “I love you…”

Merlin smiles, pressing his fore-head against Arthur’s. “I love you too…”

Arthur giggles, closing his eyes. “How it pleases me to hear you say that…to me…”

“D-Don’t sleep here!” Merlin lifts Arthur out of the tub.

Arthur blinks. “Huh?”

“Don’t sleep…” Merlin repeats and helps him out of the bath before drying him off.

Arthur smiles before dressing and goes down to the pub.

“Arthur, come...come…” A drunk Leon calls from the bar.

Arthur chuckles. “Am I that late?”

“Right on time, I’m early…” Leon giggles.

Arthur smiles and sits before ordering a cider.

“So how is robot Merlin doing?”

“He’s well…just like Merlin, a bite too kind and less cheeky though.”

Leon chuckles. “Oh?”

Arthur smiles. “He’s lovely…”

“I’m glad, I’m so happy for you, mate…really….” Leon smiles and ruffles his hair.

Arthur chuckles.

An hour passes and a man sits next to Arthur.

“Hey…” He says to Arthur.

The blond looks at the man oddly. “Yeah….Hi…” He looks back at Leon.

“Do you like blue roses?”

Arthur frowns. “No, why?”

“Aw, didn’t you like my gift to the funeral?”

Arthur’s heart skips a beat and he looks at the man.

“What did you say?”

The man smirks. “Sorry I had to take him away from you, but if you where together, my boss wouldn’t be too happy…”

Arthur growled. “HOW DARE YOU!” He lunches forwards.

Leon yelps and pulls him back. “Woah mate!”

“He’s the one who killed Merlin!” Arthur screamed, thrashing.

The man got up slowly.

Leon frowned. “What?”


“Mordred.” He said and ran off.

“I called the police!” Said the owner. “The video camera is working too!”

Arthur got out of Leon’s hold and ran after him.

He chased the man down the street.

The mysterious man suddenly stopped and punched him in the gut, knocking Arthur out.
He groaned, waking up in a hospital. He heard light beeping.

Arthur blinks slowly and feels familiar hands on his face.

“Arthur…Arthur…” Merlin sobbed. “I was so scared….”

Arthur looked at him sadly and pulled him into a hug. “I’m sorry, Merlin…I wasn’t thinking…”

“He was going to kill you….I saw…he had a knife on him, he was going to stab you.” He wailed.

“How could you have seen that?”

Merlin looked at him sadly. “I was so scared…” He sniveled. “Arthur…I miss you…”

Arthur blinked, confused.

“I waited so long and they took me away from you….but please don’t go after them, they are cruel and will stop you…please stay alive for me, I love you…I can’t loose you again…” He wept, kissing Arthur.


He looked at Arthur sadly, stroking his cheek. “Wait for me….please…I’ll be reincarnated some day….i’m sure…and…if you’re still mortal I’ll see you one day….” He smiles sadly. “Arthur….my king….even though you can’t see me anymore doesn’t mean I’m not with you…I’m going to haunt your ass till kingdom come.”  He smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m haunting the killer and Mordred’s ass, their terrified and won’t go to sleep anymore…They won’t harm you either, I made sure of that…”

Arthur blinked slowly before seeing Merlin disappear before his eyes, he slowly fell back to sleep, smiling. “You little prankster….” He mumbled, feeling robot Merlin’s hand hold his close.
The day he saw Merlin. (Merlin/Arthur fanfic)
What if.

When Arthur finally meets Merlin outside a pub, he thought everything was going to be okay, he found Merlin again and he was going to never let him go, but a bullet stops that from happening and to stop Arthur from joining Merlin, Enter robot Merlin, the most intelligent robot in the market, made by world recognized robotics expert, Gwaine. Can robot Merlin heal Arthur?

Gwaine lies in his bed and for once he wasn’t listening to his music like he usually did.

He frowned as he heard a soft whimper and turned to the wall. “Uh…”

He was interrupted by a choked sob, followed by a long ‘Eeeeeheheheheeeeee’ noise that ended in a wail.

“Oh boy….” He sighed to himself and lightly knocked on the wall, hearing the knock echo in the next apartment.

The wailing stopped and was replaced by a few hiccups before a soft voice answered. “H-Hello?”

“Uh…hey…I’m you’re neighbor…sorry…uh…” Gwaine gulped. “I don’t mean to pry but…are you okay?”

“No…” The voice replied.

“Want to talk about it?” Gwaine asked hopefully. “I’m bored.”

It was quiet for a few minutes.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes…s-sorry uh…..i’m scared…”

Gwaine felt his heart stop for a moment. “Scared? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” He asked, worried.

“There’s a creepy guy that moved in the other day and he keeps knocking on the door and saying crude things and I’m alone and my roommate isn’t coming till next month.” The voice said quickly.

“You mean the hairy one?” Gwaine asked. “The one with the cap?”

“Yeah…please…come over, I’m scared.” He said again.

Gwaine got up and grabbed his keys before going out of his flat, locking it and went to the next door.

He heard a click and the door opened to reveal a scared Merlin.

“Hey….uh…it’s nice to meet you again…uh…”

“Merlin.” He whimpered and shyly grabbed onto Gwaine’s arm, pulling him in and closed the door, locking it.

“I helped you move in a year or two ago…” He said, trying to make conversation.

“Yeah…th-thank you for that…” He said, staring at Gwaine with wide eyes.

Gwaine looked back at him. “Do you have medication that will help calm you down?” He asked gently.

Merlin shook his head and hugged Gwaine tightly.

Gwaine blinked and hugged back and chuckled softly. “Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh…it’s just…uh….you’re crying earlier…even though it was real….there was one part that sounded damn funny…”

“Oh no, you heard that?”

Gwaine giggled. “Sorry…”

“I’m sorry, I have a terrible cry…” Merlin apologized, pressing his face against Gwaine’s chest.

“Look, I don’t mean to be rude here but…if I wasn’t here and you did this to someone else…”

Merlin nodded. “I know…I’m just too damn scared to think straight right now…I wouldn’t do this to anyone else, I know you’re a good person so….”

Gwaine smiled and ruffled his hair. “Why aren’t you just a sweetheart.”

Merlin smiled slightly, calming down.

“Why did you suddenly cry though?”

“He came an hour ago and banged on the door…screaming about something, I couldn’t hear…. I can’t leave anywhere else…and the window is jammed so I can’t use the emergency exist and I couldn’t open the door and check if he was gone or not.”

Gwaine nodded. “Phone?”

“Out of battery, charging it.” Merlin replied.

Gwaine nodded and took out his phone and called the police.

An hour passed and the man was arrested and taken to the police station.

Gwaine turned to Merlin once he closed the door, having finished talking to a policeman.

Merlin smiled at him. “Thank you, Gwaine.”

“No worries, mate..” He grinned back. “Why don’t you come over to my flat? I’ll make you some tea?”

Merlin nodded and they went to the flat.

Arthur Pendragon, Merlin’s roommate walked into his apartment to find Gwaine asleep on the sofa with Merlin lying on top of him, both out cold.

Arthur raised an eyebrow, smiling at this sweet moment. “What on earth happened here?”
Stranger Danger (Merlin/Gwaine fanfic)
“We live in adjacent apartments and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night I heard you crying and talked to you through the wall” AU
Arthur Pendragon, Prince of England sits in his room in the castle, fiddling with his tie, standing by the bed he hears the window knock against the wall, which was odd when he realized he hadn’t opened it and there wasn’t a breath of wind.

The prince looks up to see Merlin perched on the window, smirking, his eyes focused on the blond.

“Well, Well, Well….I expected a royal prince to act more honestly…..” He croaked slightly, his voice low, smiling.

Arthur’s throat tightened, his eyes widening. “I thought you’d come….”

“You sure are brave…” Merlin stated and jumped onto the floor of the room, calmly walking over to him.

“…I didn’t have the right amount, Luckily I didn’t tell my father about you and you’re…. attempt in stealing my ring…you where also so quick security thought I lied…so I have an idea…. that you might like as well…” Arthur says firmly, standing taller, looking at Merlin.

“Go on…” Merlin said, tilting his head to the side slightly.

“It’s nearly Christmas, My father is expecting me to bring a date, since you seduced me in bed all those months ago, I think we got to know each other quite well…so you act as my boyfriend and we will enjoy ourselves as a couple on Christmas.” Arthur said, flushing.

“……And?” Merlin asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I give you the money next year, after new years…Y-You will also be with me then…posing as my boyfriend.” Arthur cleared his throat.

“I posed as your royal guard, your father would recognize me.” Merlin said, frowning.

“He doesn’t care for guards, he probably didn’t even look at you when he went to see me or crossed you in the hall…” Arthur said, fixing his tie.

Merlin smirks. “He allows you to have male dates?”

“He knows I’m Bi.... I’m fooling around for now and he knows that….He wants to impress the relatives and he likes my company to be handsome to knock the socks off of them more…” The prince states.

“Oh? Then I’ll try to make a good impression...” Merlin smiles.

Arthur blinked and sighed. “…..Doesn’t this bother you? Kissing up to ugly men, giving your body out to get the gold or the money?” Arthur asked, finally looking at Merlin.

“It’s just a body…and it’s fun toying with people.” Merlin smirked. “-And you’re not ugly…”

Arthur coughed slightly. “Don’t you feel dirty?”

“Of course I do, this is just a mask after all…” Merlin states, wondering around the room.

“Don’t you get scared?” Arthur asked.

“I have a reliable partner to help me out of any sticky situation…” Merlin says.

“Merlin….be honest with me….you don’t want this life.” Arthur said softly, watching Merlin fiddle with the armor of a knight.

“I’m in too deep, If I get caught, I’m in jail forever.” Merlin says calmly.

“You can repent, I’ll bail you out, and you never hurt anyone did you?” Arthur asked, walking over to him.

“No…. I don’t like to kill…” Merlin said smoothly, looking at a clock in the wall.

“You just took their expensive items to get money out of it, you seduce them…that’s all, and at least you don’t kill Merlin.” Arthur said, facing Merlin’s back.

“Arthur, you’re very kind…” Merlin turned around to face him, a sad look in his eyes and walked over to him, placing his hands on the man’s hips. “I’m a thief…I’m wanted…I can’t change now…”

“Better late than never…” Arthur says softly, gazing at the taller man.

Merlin hummed and leaned in, kissing his head softly. “I’m sorry Arthur, truly….” He hushed against his ear.

Arthur groaned, biting his lip.

“You have obligations to this country….” Merlin mumbled, lightly nibbling on Arthur’s earlobe.

“M-Merlin…” Arthur sighed, wrapping his arms around the man.

“Don’t loose it all to a man like me.” Merlin hushed, kissing his cheek before parting the hug.

Arthur looked at him quietly.

“So….when do we begin?” Merlin asked.

“Don’t you need to talk to your partner about this?” Arthur frowned. “You’re going to be here for a while.”

“He already knows.” Merlin said, tapping on his ear. Arthur frowned and leaned in and saw a see through chip behind his ear.

“What does he say?” Arthur asked.

“Bugger.” Merlin says.

Arthur snorted slightly, smiling.

Merlin smiled back, his eyes twinkling.

Arthur looked down, shyly before clearing his throat and looked up firmly, tugging the ends of his jacket.

“Let’s talk about how we met.” Arthur said.

“Well….” Merlin sighed. “Oh…. where do you go out when you need a break?” Merlin asked.

“The local park, its so big, no one really notices me when I’m in disguise.” Arthur says.

Merlin hums, thinking. “I was reading, I accidently tripped you and bought you a drink when I broke your fake glasses when they smashed on the ground.”

“You do look like a book worm…” Arthur admitted.

“-And I do love books.” Merlin nodded.

“Another one. That’s too…movie like.” Arthur says firmly.

“I was running and ran into you, you spilled coffee all over you-“ Merlin was interrupted when Arthur shook his head.  

“Too fairy tail…too common.” Arthur states.

“Alright then, tall…dark and handsome, you try.” Merlin says, folding his arms.

“Needs to be normal….okay…how about…I sat next to you while you where reading on a bench, I hit on you and you invite me to a play you’ve wanted to see that evening, we go see it, I kiss you and we exchange numbers, we go on normal dates, I say I’m the prince, you’re shocked but we carry on dating.” Arthur says, blushing.

“Hm…. that is more normal…though the play is a bit much, I don’t like plays…what about it’s the same thing but instead of a play we go get ice cream and you say who you are and I’m charmed and you act all suave and kiss me…we then meet again at the same place a week later and we go on a couple of dates, my family are far away and I don’t want to be alone in Christmas…I’m an assistant in a book shop.” Merlin says.

“Ok…I like it…” Arthur says.

“Good…” Merlin leans in, kissing him deeply. “I also lost my virginity to you...i’m shy and I just can’t keep my hands off of you…I’m utterly star struck.”

Arthur sighs deeply. “Gods, I’ve made a great choice here….”

Merlin chuckles against his ear, wrapping his arms around Arthur.

“Merlin…” Arthur smiles.

“Hmmm?” He hummed lightly.

“Thank you…” The prince says.

“You know I’m doing this for the money right?” Merlin asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Right…yes…of course…but you could have declined it somehow.” Arthur clears his throat, parting the hug.

“I wouldn’t have…” Merlin states.

Arthur kept silent and held him close.

“You sure are selling this, Arthur…” Merlin says, eyeing him.

“Well, of course, can’t blow your cover now can we, we need them to see we are lovers and all…” Arthur Huffed and parted the hug before going to get his watch and puts it on, Merlin’s eyes fix on it.

“Is that a Rolex?” Merlin gulped slightly.

“Yeah, why?” Arthur asked.

“Oh...nothing, it looks…..nice.” Merlin states, looking away.

“Merlin, you’re not going to steal my watch.” Arthur says firmly, looking at him in the eyes.

“I wasn’t planning on it.” The raven-haired man mumbles.


Merlin nods, his lips pressed firmly together.

Arthur shakes his head before going to him and holds his hand before guiding him to the door. “My father will be having breakfast now, we’re going to eat with him in the garden…be on you’re best behavior.” Arthur says.

Merlin smiles. “Of course, Darling.”

Arthur tried his best not to smile but he then broke out into a big grin.

“Sweetheart?” Merlin asks.

“You’re doing well…just…not too many nicknames ok?” Arthur rolled his shoulders.

“Of course, Arty.” Merlin smirked, winking at him.

They eventually come across a lavish garden where a man in a suit sits on a table, eating his breakfast, two servants standing near him.

“Father, I’m glad I found you, this is Merlin, I met him a few months back…Merlin, this is my father, Uther.” Arthur says formally, looking at Merlin with a small smile.

Merlin grins. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sir.” He walks over to Uther, offering him his hand to shake.

“Yes, I do remember him mentioning you, Merlin.” Uther says flatly and shakes his hand, looking at his newspaper.

 Merlin bit the inside of his cheek and smiled charmingly at him. “Sir, I do admire your help when you offered you’re help in building that eco friendly park, it’s so popular now.”

Uther looked up at him and frowned.

“Oh, thank you…”

Merlin smiled happily at him before looking at Arthur and walked over to him, wrapping an arm around Arthur’s back.

“Yes, well…Merlin loves eco friendly stuff, don’t you lovely?” Arthur asks happily, kissing Merlin’s cheek.

“Arthur…” Merlin says shyly, looking down.

“What? I just kissed you that’s all…” Arthur chuckled and Merlin’s hand lightly pinched Arthur’s behind, making the man jump slightly, clearing his throat.

“I see you both are enjoying yourselves.” Uther sighs and straightens the newspaper and carries on reading.

“Well yes…..anyway, lets eat.” Arthur sits down, letting Merlin sit next to him before they both eat.

Arthur gazes at Merlin to see him eating as if he was royalty.

He smiles and looks back at his plate and carries on eating.

Merlin moves closer to Arthur. “You’re too far away...”

Arthur chuckles and kisses Merlin’s cheek.

Merlin smiles cheerfully and finished eating before getting up, Arthur soon followed suit. “Father, Merlin and I are going to walk around the garden.”

Uther looks up at them before nodding and looked back at his newspaper.

Merlin frowns slightly and Arthur took Merlin’s hand before walking him around the large garden.

“So….about you’re father.” Merlin says.

Arthur looked at him. “What about him?”

“It just seems he doesn’t really…pay much attention to you, Arthur.” Merlin says softly, gazing at him with worry.

Arthur snorted softly, smiling and looked away. “Eh…he’s just strict.”

“Has he ever hugged you?” Merlin asks, frowning.

Arthur laughed. “Hugged me? Father? No, of course not, he’s too proper to do that…”

“Has he kissed you’re head at night when you where a kid?” Merlin moved closer to him as Arthur walked slightly faster.

“Nah, working too hard…” Arthur says, his eyes on the grass, hands behind his back.

“Oh……..” Merlin gulps.

“Are you asking me if he was abusive?” Arthur looked at him firmly.

Merlin looked away, shrugging.

“Well, he did hit me once or twice, didn’t show me much affection, but I never saw it as abuse, I just angered him too much and he was already so strict…”

“You where used to it…” Merlin mumbles.

“I didn’t know anything else.” Arthur says without any emotion.

Merlin stared at the bush of tulips.

Arthur chuckled. “Do you feel sorry for me?”

Merlin looks up. “What?”

“Do you pity me?” Arthur smiles.

“…Well……yeah….” Merlin says softly.

“That’s sweet.”

“Shut up…” Merlin grumbles, biting the inside of his cheek, his gaze leaving Arthur.

Arthur laughed, smiling. “I’m touched, Merlin.”

“How did you end up so…happy and kind?” Merlin asks. “You could have been as cold as him.”

“I had good nurses and maids raising me.” Arthur smiles. “-I was told my mother was a very kind and happy person so I always strove to be like her.”

Merlin hums, quiet.

“Cheer up, don’t look so glum….” Arthur smiles.

Merlin the thief part 1
Merlin is a professional thief; Gwaine is his partner in crime.
After taking Arthur’s famously expensive Pendragon crest ring and traded it in for 5 million euros, Arthur wants it back. Offering double the amount or its jail for Merlin. Merlin gets it off of a man in a casino and Arthur’s agents give him three bags, when Merlin returns to the hotel, its full of rocks and feathers. Merlin wants his revenge, but Arthur’s thought ahead and might have feelings for the charming thief.


merlinlover's Profile Picture
Merthur FTW
Artist | Student | Literature
My name is Caitlin.

I am practicing animation and art, digital art.

I adore BBC 1's The adventures of Merlin. This show inspired me to go into art.

My love for anime has also carried my inspiration to animation and art.

I also have a love for manga and the Artherian legends as well as Roman and Greek Myths and Myths all together.

I hope you enjoy my journey of bettering my skills and passion.

My tumblr: ( )
It's finally the holidays and hopefully i'll have time to work on my art and fan fictions. Stay Tuned. 
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