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The months go by slowly and Arthur finds that he is in love with Merlin.

Merlin feels the same and wants to show him his love for him, to confess.

What better way than to do it at Christmas?

Obe instructs that this Christmas was going to be a grand one.

So he invites many guests and decorates the castle, Merlin then decorates Arthur’s room wonderfully and ties the famous mistletoe on a string that hangs near the door.

Arthur sees him do it and blushes. ‘This could be it, I could confess like that.’ He thinks.

‘This is it, I’m going to confess to him like this…’ He thinks to himself.

Christmas soon comes and the two wake up and do their usual tasks.

Arthur moves over to the door when he’s done and hesitantly looks up and gulps.

“What is it?” Merlin asks, noticing Arthur’s nervousness.

“Nothing.” He blushes and rushes out.

That evening Arthur finds himself walking back into his room, he sighs and suddenly feels hands wrap around him.

“Arthur….I have something to say.” Merlin says from behind him.

“Hm?” Arthur slowly turns around, facing him.

Merlin looks at him, blushing and hesitantly points to the milestone.

Arthur smiles slightly. “I have…something to say.”

“Me too…” Merlin grins.

“You first.” Arthur chuckles.

Merlin blinks and looks at Arthur shyly before bringing him into a gentle kiss. “I love you.” He says against Arthur’s lips.

The king gasps and kisses back deeply. “I love you too.”
The cursed prince part 13
Arthur and Merlin confess their love. 
Frodo loves the Shire. It’s always safe and wonderfully boring and calm. He enjoys reading in the woods, hearing the birds sing above him, it made him dream of adventures, fun and scary ones.

He did this often and you always saw him on your way to the river, reading his book, his hair flowing in the wind, he always had a calm smile that made you feel peaceful. You always wanted to sit beside him like that but you where far too busy with chores.

Until one day, you find yourself walking down the same dirt trail when you see him standing at the edge of it, reading.

He looks up as you’re just about to pass him and he gives you a warm smile.

“Hello.” He says cheerfully.

You stop and you feel your heart start going faster.

“Yes…er…hello.” You smile back politely.

“I always see you pass by here, why not stop by and sit with me sometime….maybe….today?” He offers and you feel a rush of excitement.

‘Could this really be happening?’ You ask yourself.

“Er…yes I would love that!” You say happily.

“That’s great.” He says and offers you his hand to shake. “I’m Frodo.”

You stare at his soft hand and gasp before putting your bucket down and turn to him fully and shake his hand. “I’m sorry, I-I’m ‘……’ It’s lovely to meet you Frodo.”

He grins and takes his hand away. “See you soon then.” He says before climbing up to the forest and plants himself down at his usual tree and opens his book, you find your still staring at him, dumbfounded that he actually offered something so nice to you and you grab the bucket and rush down to the river before he notices your blush.

You sigh as you stare at the river, waiting for the bucket to full with water.

“I’m actually going to sit with him.” You find yourself say to a frog who croaks and jumps into the river.

You smile and pick up the bucket and go back to Frodo, he looks up when you arrive and waves.

You wave back and climb up and you feel the soft soil sink and your bucket looses a bit of water, you feel yourself slipping when you feel a strong yet gentle hand grab your wrist and pull you up.

“Are you alright?” He asks.

‘Oh, it’s him…Oh my goodness he helped me!’ You think and chuckle and stand on the now calm forest with him, his hand still holding your wrist.

His eyes lock with yours and he looks worried.

“O-Oh, yes I’m fine…sorry for the trouble.” You say.

He sighs, thankful that you where unharmed and takes his hand away.

“I got a new book the other day, could I read it to you?” He asks shyly, ducking his head.

“Yes, I would love that Frodo.” You say happily and you both sit down under his favorite tree.

The days pass like this more and more often. You finish your chores quicker and better to spend more time with him.

You find you both have common interests, you both love nature and a quiet meadow to rest upon, you love a quiet day but a small adventure wouldn’t hurt.

“Frodo?” You ask one day.

“Yes?” He asks and turns to you. Holding his open book.

“Erm…want to go on an adventure with me?” You ask, your voice squeaking slightly with worry.

“That would be wonderful ‘……’ “ He smiles and leans in slightly and pulls away, you see his eyes, just for a moment where glazed with love.

“W-What was that?” You ask a loud accidently.

“Sorry….i….i don’t quite know myself.” He chuckles lamely and looks away.

“Frodo?” You ask softly and he clears his throat and stands.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow ‘….’ “ He says before darting off.

“He’s like a young child…” You smile and chuckle before making your way back home.

The next day you back for your adventure, your father agrees to do the chores for the day and you set off with your bag off goods.

You find him waiting for you at the tree and he smiles.

“ ‘……’ are you ready for a wonderful adventure?” He asks, excited.

“Yes, quite.” You nod and you both set off.

Hours pass and you find yourself standing near a forest.

“My friend said this place holds a magical trail, he says its exciting and something you will remember forever.” Frodo states and looks at you and takes your hand before you both run in.

You see the trees enclose you both in the forest, a stream runs bellow you as you both stand on a fallen log.

“Come on.” Frodo says as he tugs your hand slightly and you snap out of it and follow him, having been in awe of how beautiful it was.

You both walk across to the other side and he jumps down onto a rock and turns to you and suddenly grabs your waist and lifts you down.

He then takes your hand and leads you through a vine enclosure, the both of you crawl through the tunnel of vines and end up in a beautiful place, and you can’t fathom just how glorious it is.

“This must be the land of the fairies.” You say. “It’s the only explanation.”

“My dear ‘….’ I think you are correct.” Frodo smiles and gets out, you both stand on a land of tall grass, it’s fine and delicate and you both see a clustered of trees around you, their twisted in a marvelous way.

“It’s like they where crafted while growing.” Frodo says in awe as he places his hand on a tree.

You go on to see a blanket of vine moving down onto a stream but the vine then goes back up, meeting with the other side.

Frodo jumps down onto it and slides down the vine and stands on the vine that was just above the water.

“Come.” He says to you and you do as he does and he catches you before climbing up the steep vine, you follow when you hear it snap and you hit something hard, you find you cant speak or reach out to him, all you see is him still climbing up and the world goes dark.

Cold, that’s the first thing you feel and something else, something warm that is fighting with the cold and something pressed against you.

You blink to see a mess of hair near your eyes and you slowly look down to see a body pressed up against you, semi-nude.

You gasp and sit up and feel dizzy and you groan before lying down, you see your wearing dry pants and a jacket.

You see the body slowly move and a pair of blue eyes meets yours.

“Frodo?” You breathe sleepily.

He sighs and hugs you close.

“I’m so sorry ‘….’ I’m so sorry, are you okay?” He croaks out.

“Just…sore…and cold….d-dizzy.” You mumble out and you feel your eyes grow heavy.

“Rest…please…” He sniffs and keeps you close, stroking your slightly damp hair, you hear the crackles of a fire and you drift off to sleep.

You wake up to Frodo carrying you on his back. Beads of sweat hangs on his brows and you sigh.

“I’m sorry…I hope I’m not a burden.” You croak out, tired from sleep.

“You are anything but, you are so brave ‘…..’ and amazing, please don’t regret this, you are an amazing friend to go on adventures with, I just hope your not mad at me for not looking at you when you fell…I promise I wont let you out of my sight ever again.” He vows and he never does. He keeps you close to him and loves you well. Your friendship strengthens and something else blooms, something called ‘love’ and its amazing and brilliant and fantastic, all at the same time.

You wake up to Frodo sleeping beside you in his bed.

You sigh happily and hug him from behind.

“Mmmm…” He hums and turns over slowly.

“Is that my lovely ‘….’?” He asks happily and brings you close.

You relax against his hold and sleep once more.

You wake up again to breakfast on a tray and Frodo hands it to you before sitting himself down and eats his own.

“Your food is always so well done.” You say and kiss his cheek and eat.

He smiles and taps your nose playfully and eats.

He cleans the plates and you go to him and hug him close.

He hugs you back and kisses your head.

“ My dear ‘……’ “ He hushes and kisses you lovingly.

He breaks it softly and strokes your cheek and smiles at you innocently.

You blush and he chuckles and kisses you once more.

You eventually go and water the plants and he walks over to you from behind.

“Er…’……’ ?” He asks your name nervously.

“Yes Frodo?” You turn to him and you see him holding your favorite flower, he’s blushing furiously as he looks at the floor.

“For you.” He says softly and you take it and smile lovingly.

“You are one softie Frodo Baggins.” You say and reach over to him. “Come here.”

He kneels and you clip off the stem and put the flower in between your head and ear and you kiss him, hugging him close.

“You are my dearest flower ‘…..’ “ He hushes and kisses you passionately.

“I’m so glad you said hello to me…Frodo.” You say.

“I’m so glad you said hello back…” He smiled.
Frodo x reader
'......' = Your name. ) You have always had a crush on Frodo baggins, he's mysterious and friendly and just lovely. You always wanted to sit with him in that meadow, well, now your wish will come true. ** This is for:


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