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“No Merlin….kneel and lay your head on my lap.” Arthur says before snapping his fingers and a pillow was presented to Merlin, he kneeled on it and lay his head on the man’s lap, it felt strangely comfortable and he sighed with glee when he felt Arthur’s hand on his hair, stroking it.

He felt tired after a while and blinked slowly, his breath becoming slower, Arthur kept stroking his hair and Merlin let out a content sigh before closing his eyes.

“Good Merlin…rest….” Arthur hushes.

“Mmm…mmm….” Merlin hums before falling asleep, his breathing evening out, calm and relaxed, a faint blush still stayed on his cheeks as he slept.

He woke to the door opening and a few knights walked in.

“Sire…” Said one with blond hair before bowing, Merlin blinked and rubbed his eye.

“Yes Sir leon?” The king asked, looking up.

“We have spotted patrols heading towards us…an hour at most and they will be here…”


“Their not our patrols Sire…”

“Ahhh…” Arthur says. “So they are trespassing…” Arthur says with a smirk.

“Yes, My lord.” The knight nods.

“Kill them….No….bring them here alive…” Arthur says and waves his hand and the knights go.

Merlin looked up at the man. “Are you going to harm them?”

“Of course….this means war in our books Merlin…even Arthur would have to do it…”

“Please don’t?” Merlin begs sleepily.

“Aw…you’re a good man…” Arthur says, stroking his cheek.

Merlin closes his eyes.

“Fine…..just once though…” Arthur says and Merlin blinks. “Really?”

“Three nights in the dungeon…and they are free…”

Merlin smiles. “Thank you Sire!”

Arthur smiles at that. “Come here…”

Merlin hugs him close.

“I think it’s worth it…to have seen that expression on your face, my sweet…” Arthur hushes.

“What is your name?”

“Merlin…” The servant replies.

“Ah…Merlin….what a beautiful name.”

“Thank you…” Merlin blushes at that and looks at him. “What is your name?”

“I’m Arthur, you know that.”

“Right…sorry…” Merlin says, shy.

“Why ask that?” Arthur asks.

“It’s nothing…” Merlin says quietly.

“You know….that fool told you about the curse….” He growled.

“I…I….” Merlin gulped, scared.

Arthur huffed angrily. “Fine…it’s Obe…that’s my name.”

“Obe?” Merlin says and looks at him.

“Yes.” Obe says.

“That’s a great name.” Merlin smiles and relaxes against Obe happily.

Obe blinks, blushing before hugging him.

The night passes and Obe carries Merlin to the chambers and Arthur finds himself in his chambers with a sleeping Merlin in his arms.

The king smiles and tucks him into bed.

Merlin wakes to Arthur eating his breakfast.

The servant goes to him, smiling. “Good Morning Arthur.”

Arthur nods at him. “Good Morning, Merlin.”

Merlin sits and eats with him and makes the king a bath before cleaning him.

Arthur shifts slightly. “Lower…”

“But…that’s…that’s where your…” Merlin blushes.

“I know…now wash it….” Arthur instructs him.

“A-Arthur i….i don’t know….” Merlin gulps.

“Just do it….clean it well…” Arthur says firmly.

“But….your…your….” Merlin looks at him, worried.

“Yes…even those…now do it…” Arthur says forcefully.

Merlin nods and moves his cloth against Arthur’s member, the king is quiet and his expression is neutral.

Merlin slowly begins to clean him and Arthur doesn’t utter a sound.

Merlin slowly relaxes before getting more soap and rubs the cloth onto it before finishing up washing Arthur’s member and goes lower, washing something else that has Merlin accidently squeeze it, making the king whimper. “N-N-Not so hard...”

Merlin blushes bright red before being gentler, Arthur sighs and relaxes. “Better.” He says but his voice comes out croaky.

Merlin eventually finishes and Arthur gets out of the bath, Merlin dries him and reaches the king’s privates.

“Clean those too….”

Again, Merlin squeezes something that makes Arthur gasp, biting his lip.

“S-Sorry!” Merlin sputters and quickly cleans it before going down to his legs.

Arthur covers his mouth, blushing. “You fool, don’t do that ever again!”

“You said you wouldn’t react!” Merlin shouts, looking at him in a shy manner.

“Well when normal servants do it, they wash them properly, they don’t squeeze it like a bloody hilt, their gentle! Of course I would react if you do THAT!” Arthur shouts, gasping.

Merlin suddenly darts to the door and leaves.
The cursed king part 9
Merlin finds that Obe is quite easy to control and Arthur pushes Merlin a bit too far. 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
The rest of the day Arthur taught Merlin how to be a servant, he wrote down what servants do as tasks and how to do them properly, what to say and how to act, the general know-how of a servant and how to act like one, it was exhausting as they covered everything about a servant and Arthur sighed, rubbing his face.

“That is enough for today.” He announces to an equally tired Merlin who seemed to be dozing off.

“Thank you…” He breathed before going to Arthur’s bed and climbs in, wanting to take a nap when Arthur blushes and gets up, smashing his hands on the desk, making Merlin bolt out of bed and fall off.  

“What on earth are you doing!?” Arthur shrikes.

“S-Sorry…I just thought…well…we did sleep together last night so…” Merlin says, rubbing his eye sleepily from the ground as he sat up.

“Well…you are my servant now and sorry but that is not one of the pleasures of a servant…you will...sleep on the floor now.” Arthur says in an awkward way.

“You…are different to me…when we first met…you treated me normally…now your…building up walls?” Merlin pouts, upset.

“Yes well…you are a servant now.”

“But I don’t want to be.” Merlin said in a child like manner.

“Tough and you should be grateful Merlin, to be a servant to the king is a true honor and dream for any servant!” Arthur snaps. “You should be grateful and you get paid too!”

Merlin flinches. “Fine!” He shouts before lying down on the cold, dusty floor and goes to sleep.

Arthur slowly calms and looks at the man sadly and sighs before getting a blanket and a pillow and gently lifts Merlin’s head, slipping the pillow in and lets Merlin’s head drop onto the pillow and he gently lays the warm, furry blanket over Merlin’s shivering form before going to bed.

He wakes to Merlin gasping, shaking.

Arthur sighs and turns to face him.

Merlin trembles so much that the blanket started to shift off of him.

“I better take more care of him.” Arthur says quietly and shifts off of the bed and kneels at Merlin’s side before pressing his palm against Merlin’s cold cheek and huffs as it’s ice cold.

“What have I done?” He mutters to himself before scooping Merlin into his arms and carries him to bed and tucks him in before putting the blanket over him and gets into bed before hugging him close, heating him up with his own warmth before falling asleep, unable to keep his eyes open.

He wakes up to Merlin fast asleep against him, Arthur’s back is pressed against the bed and Merlin’s head is just under the king’s chin, Arthur forgot how nice it was to feel someone against you.

He wraps his arms around the sleeping man and smiles to himself.

“Nothing happened.” He hushes to himself.

“Mmm…” Merlin slowly wakes and looks at Arthur.

“Thank you Merlin…” Arthur says.

“F-For what?” Merlin croaks.

“Helping me..” Arthur says and Merlin blushes. “It’s a pleasure…uh… this normal for a servant and King?”

“What is?” Arthur asks.

“This..” Merlin said.

Arthur blushes as he finds he is still holding Arthur and he could have sworn he felt Merlin’s member press against his, making the king splutter.

“Your right, you should get off the bed now.” Arthur says with a squeak.

Merlin climbs off before pulling open the curtains, he gets the food that awaited the King at the door and gave the royal man his breakfast.

“I need to go out of the room today, I can’t disobey him, he will get angry and I don’t want that.” Arthur says as he dresses.


“Not buts Merlin, you will listen to me.” Arthur says strongly.

“Yes Sire.” Merlin nods and Arthur walks out before gasping and he lets out a loud roar of rage.

Merlin quickly goes over to him.

“I-I’m so sorry!” Merlin gulps.

“Never let him do that again!” The demon-Arthur shouts at Merlin.

“I-I’m sorry, I won’t!” Merlin trembles.

“He is for me to control, not the other way around!” He sneers before grabbing Merlin and pushes him against the wall.

The servant gasps, looking at Arthur, startled.

“You will never encourage him…” The demon growls, his face inches from Merlin.

Merlin whimpers.

“Do you understand me!?” He shrikes.

“Yes!” Merlin cries, tears on the brink of falling.

His face suddenly calms before looking at Merlin with pity and brings him into his embrace.

“I’m sorry…but you must understand why….i don’t wish you hurt you...”

Merlin clung to him, crying against his neck, he couldn’t stop the tears or the gasps coming out of his mouth.

“Shhh shh there..shhh now…shhhhhh….” Arthur hushes, rubbing his back.

Merlin listens to him and he calms.

Arthur parts the hug and cups the man’s cheek with care.

“I’m okay…” Merlin says, looking at him.

“Okay…just listen to me next time okay?” He begs the man.

“Yes Sir…” Merlin nods and gently holds his hand and kisses it softly.

A blush creeps on the king’s face and he hides it, ducking his head.

“Sire?” Merlin hushes and the man takes him to the hall and he sits on the throne before patting his lap. “Come…”

Merlin nods before sitting down when he heard Arthur tut from behind him.
The cursed king part 8
Merlin's stunt gets the demon angry but Merlin is able to calm the demon down. Arthur is learning things about boundaries and lets see how that goes. 
Merlin makes Arthur’s bath and the king inspects it when Merlin was finished preparing it.

“Good, now get the soap and wash me.” He said before undressing, he was halfway when he heard a yelp from behind.

He turned to Merlin staring at him, shocked and confused.

“Er….are you okay?”

“Y-Yes er…..but do I have to wash you?” Merlin asks, worried.

“Yes, that’s what servants do.” Arthur says calmly.

“What about….you know….the…other….things?” Merlin asks with a shy voice, ducking his head.

“Other things?” Arthur questions himself before understanding. “Ohhhh that…well, your still new and haven’t been trained so its not natural….see, its one of the jobs to-“

“-Clean the king’s dirty jewels!?” Merlin shrikes.

“Calm yourself, it’s just parts like yours…you clean yours too don’t you?”

Merlin shivers. “Yes but not others!”

“Well that’s going to change…I’m….i’m a king Merlin, it’s not like I will take any pleasure in it.” The king says with a slight pout, looking away as a blush starts to form on Arthur’s cheeks.

“Oh gods I hope not!” Merlin says, embarrassed.

“Don’t worry Merlin, I’m not some dirt king, I have pride you know…I wouldn’t….go so low as to…express any sorts of pleasure towards actions like that.” The king says, shy as he looks at the ground.

It was awkward silence when Arthur breaks it with a cough and he finishes dressing before climbing into the bath and sinks in. “Alright….just this time you can clean me but not the….privates.” Arthur declares like a solemn vow.

Merlin’s body relaxes then and he cleans Arthur, during the time of cleaning the king Merlin noticed Arthur always kept a neutral expression through the bath.

Arthur gets out when Merlin says he was finished and cleans himself before turning to Merlin. “You will also be drying me and dressing me.”

Merlin nods in an understanding way, seeing as Arthur’s temper was rising.

“Good.” Arthur says. “Glad we now have an understanding.” He says in a firm way before dressing himself.
The cursed King part 7
Arthur instructs Merlin to bathe him and there are some difficulties with that task. 


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