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Merlin by merlinlover
Cute blushing Merlin as he stares at his adorable Arthur. 

Guess who got a new and working tablet? Me xDD I am finally able to draw Merlin again xD Expect more in the future :) 

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Merlin was just about to doze off in his bed after a few drinks from the bar when he heard a noise.

Living in a flat has it’s faults, the walls where like paper. People where noisy and inconsiderate.

Then there was Arthur, the single and incredibly handsome neighbor of Merlin’s. He was kind, kept his apartment clean and was quiet and kept his music low. He helped Merlin move in and even cooked him dinner, as well as giving Merlin extra ingredients when he felt he was running low.

Arthur is to be a CEO to his father’s business, luckily his father taught him to be equal to others and to respect others no matter their standing, they lived in a big home but they where humble and kind, Arthur loved the quiet, buttoned up life so he bought himself a flat to dedicate himself to his work more.

Merlin held Arthur in high regard, but he was curious as to what this faint sound was he heard a minute ago.

It was like breathing but more intense. Panting maybe? But Merlin cast that aside when he suddenly heard Arthur moan.

‘He has a girl over…..’ Merlin thought to himself, blushing.

‘Arthur’s…. having sex.’ He thought, his blush deepening.

Merlin grumbled. “Stop it Merlin, don’t listen…just go to sleep, you don’t have a crush on him, you don’t!” He hissed quietly.

“Ohh…” He heard Arthur moan loudly.

Merlin squeaked and pulled the blanket over his head.

“Bugger….gods…..uuungg….o-ohh…M-Merlin!” Arthur cried, his voice muffled.

He heard Arthur groan before everything grew quiet.

Merlin kept very still. “No….way.” he whispered to himself.

The next day he woke up to the faint smell of pancakes and he heard a knock on the door. Merlin quickly brushed his teeth and threw on a shirt and went to the door and opened it to see Arthur, his hair still wet from a shower, the faint smell of soap filled Merlin’s nose.

“A-A-Arthur! G-Good Morning!” Merlin stuttered.

Arthur chuckled, smiling fondly. “What’s with the nervous greeting?”

“Nothing! Er…nothing, it’s just er…..still sluggish from sleep.” Merlin half lied.
“Oh no, I didn’t wake you did I?”  Arthur asked, worried.

“No, No, of course not, I’ve been up for an hour already….well…uhhh…did you need anything?” Merlin asked.

“Well, I’m making a big breakfast…. I was wondering if you would join me?” Arthur asked, looking at a plant in Merlin’s flat.

“Sure, I’ll be there in a sex…I mean SECOND!” Merlin shouted before quickly closing the door on a very confused Arthur.

“Shit….Shit, Shit!” Merlin cursed and showered in under ten minutes before putting on his brand new clothes and stood in front of Arthur’s door.

‘What do I do? I can’t act casual around him knowing he jerks off to me…’ He thinks and gulps before knocking. ‘Don’t be impolite, he made me food after all.’ He thinks.

“Come in, it’s open.” Arthur calls cheerfully and Merlin opens up and walks in before closing it.

Arthur walked over to his table filled with food.

“Wow, you’ve outdone yourself, Arthur.” Merlin smiles.

“Oh really? Heh….my sister got me a cooking book so I had to try it…”  Arthur blushed, smiling.

Merlin smiled and sat down.

Arthur followed and they began to eat.

“This is amazing.” Merlin said, eating happily.

“Really? Thank you Merlin.” Arthur smiled warmly.

Merlin kept eating.

When they where done, they both packed away the remaining food into the fridge before cleaning up.

Arthur looked at Merlin as he washed the plates.

“Er….” He gulped thickly, staring at Merlin as the man dried the plates.

“Yeah?” Merlin asked.

“Er…I….was…thinking…if we could…..spend the day together?”

“Spend the day together?”  Merlin asked, looking up at him, surprised.

“Y-Yes…but if you don’t want to that’s totally fine…” Arthur said, looking down.

‘He looks like a kicked puppy…’ Merlin thought.

“I would love to.” Merlin said.

Arthur blinked and looked at him. “Really? You will?”

“Yeah, where do you want to go?” Merlin asked cheerfully.

“Well, er…I was thinking a walk in the park….followed by a museum tour as there’s this Arthurian exhibit and then perhaps a movie and then a restaurant?”  Arthur offered.

“That sounds like…a date.” Merlin mumbled.

“A date? Er…no, no…just two friends…hanging out you know? But if you’re fine with it being a date, which isn’t but it could be if you want it to but if you don’t that’s fine.” Arthur babbled and Merlin laughed.

“A date sounds lovely Arthur.”

Arthur grinned, excited. “Perfect!”

“I just need to get some money and dress better and I’ll be back ok?” Merlin asked.

Arthur nodded. “Of course.”

Merlin grinned and left and smiled to himself, as he got ready.

He went back to see Arthur waiting at his door. “Ready?” He asked, his cheeks red.

Merlin nodded.

They went into the elevator and Arthur pressed the button to close the doors and go down.

“Hey….how long have we known each other?”

“About two years…” Merlin said.

“Wow…a whole two years…” Arthur stated.

Merlin looked at him and ruffled his hair. “Why the sudden date?”

“I just thought it would be nice…I enjoy you’re company.” Arthur says, blushing deeper as he felt Merlin’s fingers in his hair.

“I also enjoy your company Arthur.” Merlin says.

“I’m glad you do.” Arthur chuckled.

They left the building and walked around the park happily, talking about their lives and funny moments that they found themselves in.

Eventually the movie came and Merlin found it was hard to keep awake as walking the whole day exhausted him.

He blinked slowly, mouth slack and tried to watch the screen but it was proving difficult and he felt his body shift to the side and his head rested against Arthur’s shoulder and he slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep.

When he woke up he felt Arthur stroke his cheek with care.

Merlin blinked slowly and looked up.

“You slept really well for someone who was watching an action movie…there where tons of explosions in the movie and you didn’t even flinch…” Arthur hushed.

Merlin smiled, staring at him dreamily, still half asleep.

“Do you have a crush on me?” He asked. “Because I have one on you…Arthur.” He mumbled.

Arthur blushed. “Y-You do?”

“Yeah…and…I heard you pleasuring yourself and you called my name…..”

Arthur’s face turned red. “Y-You heard? Oh gods Merlin, I’m so, so sorry!”

“Don’t worry about it Arthur…”  Merlin chuckled and woke up fully to see Arthur sweating.

“You ok?”

“Er….well….I uh….you…said things…and I said things… where half asleep so…” Arthur awkwardly looked down and Merlin remembered.

Merlin jumped out of his seat. “I’m terribly sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, I promised myself I wouldn’t!”

Arthur went from shy to a laughing mess.

“I should be apologizing Merlin, not you…”

Merlin blinked.

“I’m sorry you heard that…” Arthur said.

“I-It’s ok, all men do it…” Merlin blushed.

Arthur got up and hugged Merlin close.

“Er…lets skip dinner and go to the flat?” Arthur asked.

“Sure…” Merlin said and they went back and Arthur kissed Merlin softly in the elevator.

Merlin moaned lightly and kissed back, wrapping his arms around Arthur’s back.

“Gods, I had such a crush on you when you moved in, a whole two years of sexual tension….gods…” Arthur moaned.

“You tease…do you know how hot and bothered you got me?” Merlin grumbled.

Arthur laughed loudly and kissed Merlin again.

“Lets go on another date…next weekend.” Arthur said happily.

“That would be brilliant.” Merlin smiles.

Arthur sighed and brought Merlin into a tight embrace. “I’m so happy, Merlin…”

“Same here, Arthur.” Merlin grinned, his cheeks red.
Dancing around the fire.
Arthur and Merlin have been flat neighbours for two years, the two have massive crushes on one another but are too scared to tell the other. Until one night when Arthur thinks no one can hear him and things get interesting for the boys.


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Merthur FTW
Artist | Student | Literature
I am a slash fan... I am not even sorry

19 years old.

I ship Merthur, Gwalin, Lancelin Merlin/Mithian Merlin/Mordred (Merlin x Arthur, Gwaine x Merlin, Lancelot x Merlin)

I love: Merlin, NCIS, The Mentalist, TVD, Supernatural, BBC and movie Sherlock, Avatar the last airbender.

I write Fanfics. Mostly Merthur but also Gwaine/Merlin.


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I'm going away tomorrow and i will be back on the 4th of January! during this time i might not be posing much. I will try to though :) See you then! :)
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